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Digital Marketing in Perth:
What To Look For in an Agency

Was your latest marketing strategy a bit of a flop? Have you noticed that you don’t have enough marketing skills in-house to create the compelling content that you need? Is money an issue for your business?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then it might be worth considering hiring a digital marketing specialist. This, though, is not a decision that should be rushed: not all marketing agencies were created equal.

Would you like to find out how to secure the best experts in digital marketing in Perth? Then, keep on reading this article. We are going to show you how to achieve this, in only five easy steps.

Industry Expertise

Digital marketing tools, channels, and strategies tend to be pretty similar across different sectors. Nonetheless, the goal of your campaign will hugely depend on what type of industry you operate in, and what type of audience you are addressing.

For example, building a digital marketing campaign for a private physiotherapist will feature very different content compared to one for a jewellery brand. It’s arguable that they both want to achieve the same results, but the content that they need to create is definitely not the same.

So, when you have identified a digital marketing agency that you might like to work with, ask them if they have any type of experience with companies in your industry. And if they say yes, then don’t stop there: ask them to show you some sample of works they did in the past with companies like yours, and then judge it yourself.

Digital Marketing Perth

Social Media Knowledge

Amongst digital marketing channels, social media is a very popular one. Any company, within any sector, that is serious about becoming a leader, must have a strong social media presence. This is becoming even more important in the post-pandemic landscape.

Don’t know the first thing about social media? No worries, this is something that the right digital marketing agency can help you with. Entrusting social media marketing experts with the design and launch of marketing campaigns on your social platforms can be a very powerful way to gain more visibility and, as a result, expand your reach and up your revenues.

Great Customer Reviews

Did you think that the good, old word of mouth is dead and gone? Well, you might need to think again. When looking for a digital marketing specialist to work with, it can be super-helpful to have a chat with other businesses like yours.

This will enable you to pinpoint any excellent agencies, as well as help you steer clear of other not-so-great ones. What if you don’t want, or can’t, discuss this directly with other business owners? No worries, that’s what online reviews are for.

Have a browse on Google, Yelp, and other similar websites to look for customer reviews of specific agencies that you have identified. Don’t just quickly skim through them, or focus on the ratings exclusively: dig in deeper and actually read each review, as you might be able to find out more insightful information about the companies that you are researching.

Powerful Content and Storytelling

Content is king, within digital marketing. Being able to produce, design, and publish crisp, catchy, and convincing content requires mastering the art of storytelling.

If you are a small business, start-up, or solo entrepreneur, there is a strong chance that you might not have quite those skills in-house. Fear not: that’s the job of a great digital marketing agency.

By working with an agency, you will be able to take advantage of the invaluable service provided by skilled copywriters and designers who can create the right type of content to showcase how amazing your brand is.

Digital Marketing Perth


All the hard work that you have done so far would be almost pointless if you were unable to measure the results that it brings. Do you want to find out exactly what worked and what didn’t, and do you want to see facts, numbers, and figures in order to better plan for your future campaign?

Then you’ll need to partner with a digital marketing agency that knows a thing or two (or several) about data analytics.

Local Know-How

Last but not least, a great digital marketing agency tends to be one that has a local presence and expertise.

Why? Because if you decide to work with someone who thoroughly knows your area, town, or neighbourhood, you’ll be able to better engage with the local residents and businesses. This, in turn, enables the community to get to know your brand and be enticed into doing business with you, helping you to expand your customer base and boost profits.

Digital Marketing Perth

Ready to Take Your Digital Marketing in Perth to the Next Level?

By keeping in mind our digital marketing tips when searching for specialists in digital marketing in Perth, you’ll be well on your way to finding the right partner for your business.

Remember to look for industry-specific expertise as well as great customer reviews, a penchant for data analytics and social media, and a team of skilled storytellers. The cherry on top? Finding a digital marketing agency that’s located right where you are, to deliver that quintessential local know-how that can boost your brand success.

And if you are looking for a great marketing agency that ticks all the boxes above, then why not give us a call today? We are excited to help you evolve your business — are you?

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