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Many people have heard about LinkedIn, but amongst the general populous it hasn’t taken over in Australia like other forms of social media. Far from being a bad thing, this is actually excellent for businesses that need professional connections and business opportunities to thrive. With less clutter on the LinkedIn platform, many people have found it extremely useful to work with a LinkedIn advertising agency.

From curating your account with regular posting to producing long-form content for the platform, a LinkedIn advertising agency can help in a number of ways. They can even set up LinkedIn advertising campaigns using the platform’s highly customisable and targeted ads system. Here’s how professional LinkedIn marketing can help you to boost sales.

Audience targeting

Perhaps the best thing about advertising on LinkedIn is the audience targeting features available in your ad campaigns. You can drill down into the normal fields such as age, location, gender and interests. But you can also target people who hold certain titles within different industries.

Only want your ads seen by users who list their job title as CEO or Manager? No problem, with an experienced LinkedIn advertising agency on your side you can achieve that. When you really want to reach the right people, LinkedIn makes it possible as long as you know what you’re doing.

Connecting with decision makers

With LinkedIn, it’s definitely about quality over quantity. If you can make 5 valuable business connections on LinkedIn, especially as a B2B company, then it’s probably going to be worth more than having 1000 followers who don’t really engage on another platform. This is due to the types of people you’ll find on LinkedIn.

Worldwide, it’s estimated that around 90 million (or around 9%) of LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers. Another 63 million users are decision-makers. That means business owners and managers – essentially the people who can make purchasing decisions on behalf of their business.

These are precisely the types of people you should be trying to connect with as a B2B business operator. So, while LinkedIn might not be great for advertising local retail sales, it is extremely effective from a business marketing point of view.

Long-form, shareable content

LinkedIn advertising agencies don’t just help with the overall LinkedIn strategy. They can also help you produce high-quality, informative and engaging content to publish on LinkedIn. The great thing is, if you publish an article on LinkedIn, you can also have it on your own website and share it throughout other social media channels. In terms of getting bang for your buck, that has to be positive.

It’s worth mentioning here though, that you should invest in relevant, engaging content. The blogs you post for SEO purposes are fine, but remember your LinkedIn audience is mostly business professionals. So, it’s worth investing in creating great content that businesspeople really want to read. But also, it needs to be relevant to your own business and the products or services you’re trying to promote.

Terrific for B2B lead generation

We could pull out a number of statistics from various sources over the years, but we don’t really need to. For B2B advertising and lead generation, LinkedIn consistently proves itself to be more effective than even Facebook. Being a professional network, people using the platform are already in a business frame of mind. They’re certainly not looking for funny cat videos. As a result, they’re more open to engaging with like-minded individuals and companies. Especially those that share valuable content.

LinkedIn is a little intimidating when it comes to running ad campaigns, and although they’re highly targeted as we’ve discussed, it takes some practice or a professional LinkedIn advertising agency to ensure your ads are effective. For that reason, there’s less clutter on the platform and more opportunities for you to reach your audience.

Want to start with a LinkedIn advertising agency today?

Here at Primal, we live and breathe business evolution. Depending on your business type, LinkedIn marketing can be an extremely valuable use of time, especially for those in the B2B sphere. We’re much more than just a LinkedIn advertising agency, but we can certainly help you make an impact on the platform if it suits your business goals. To find out more about how we can help your business evolve and grow, contact our friendly team today.

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